Know China Before You Take China Tour Package From Nepal

China Tour Package from Nepal is the best package where we can visit and know about China and tere people. China is an ancient city which has many historical stories.

China is the country having the largest population in the world. It is a full power pack of a country which is the most attraction for the tourist from all over the world. In other words, we can say that China is the ancient country having beautiful historical monuments, art and culture. China is the most rapid growing country in the world. Now visiting China is no more difficult for Nepalese people because there are many travel company which provide us China tour package from Nepal but before you take China tour package from Nepal gather some information about China.

Here are some points which may help you to know China better before you take China tour package from Nepal:

Pay In Cash

Even though China is the most developed country until now most parts of the country preferred to use cash instead of using a master or visa card. Therefore, take cash with you if you are going for China tour and also China do you know that China only accepts their own currency so better exchange Chinese currency. For business purpose, China accepts only U.S dollar or the Hong Kong dollar.

Exchange Currency Through ATM

If you are travelling through  China tour package from Nepal and worried about where to exchange the currency then don’t panic too much because you can easily exchange your currency at ATM nearby in China. International ATM are all over the cities but maybe you find hard inside the village area but if you have to do your banking face to face then bring a local translator with you because most of the employee doesn’t understand English at China. 


One of the most important things you have to know when you take tour package from Nepal is a visa. China does not offer visa on the arrival therefore, you have to arrange your visa before you travel to China. If you are applying for a tourist visa then you should have the letter of your Chinese friends or relatives invitation or provide all the detail itinerary of your travel plan which includes your hotel reservation and return tickets too.  

Travel insurance plan

If you are taking China tour package from Nepal then you have to make travel insurance Even though China is a safe country but every country has it’s own policy so we have to follow that policy too.

Drink Bottled Water

If we are planning for China tour then you have to know that drinking water directly from the tap is not a healthy habit because tab water is not healthy as compared to bottled water.

Air Pollution

Besides this fact that China is the largest country in the world and largest populated country, China is also the most polluted city in the world therefore, prepare yourself from being sick due to pollution.


Driving in China is very hard roads are very pack and full of risk so driving on the road of China is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Bring Toilet Papers

Yes, carry toilet paper with you because Chinese does not have toilet paper in their toilets therefor, brink your own role of toilet paper with you.


Chinese people are very friendly and helpful. There are lots of amazing things in China. It is a very beautiful country there are all the facilities you needed china tour package from Nepal will be your most amazing tour which you will experience in your life.