Covid-19 crisis & its impact on tourism sector of Nepal

Nepal Serving the thought of Atithi Devo Bhava” in response to COVID-19

The pandemic of COVID-19 is the biggest humanitarian crisis faced by Nepal after the 2015 massive earthquake. Nearly 54,000 plus people have been tested positive for the virus, with 38,000 plus recovery rate while nearly 345 people have lost their lives. The economy has stalled for months, after immediate lockdown from March 24, 2020, leading to the loss of hundred jobs in the tourism industry.

While the lock-down was partially successful in slowing down the infection rates, it directly had the socio-economic impact. Alongside, the unexpected closure had left the tourists strayed and wandering, as all the flights were suspended till April 30, 2020. The lockdown created a sense of urgency in between the hoteliers, which further worsened the situation for the tourists stuck in the Himalayan nation. Securing three meals a day turned out to be difficult for the tourists, as most of the eateries and shops were closed while a maximum of them was running out of finance.

But battling the situation, the Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) took a step to ease the life of the international tourists during their stay in Nepal. To help the tourists, a few of the hoteliers and local Nepalese communities joined hands to provide free meals to standard tourists facing financial hardship.

Serving the thought of, “Atithi Devo Bhava” (the guest is god), free food, medicines, and accommodation was provided in Kathmandu (Thamel), Pokhara, Chitwan, and other regions of Nepal, which pacified the situation and formed stronger bond between the visitors and Nepalese people.


Back in 2016, the Government of Nepal had launched “Ghumphir Year” to promote domestic tourism. Likewise, the government planned to celebrate 2020, as the Tourism year “Visit Nepal 2020”, with the aim to welcome nearly two million tourists. The project was in-lined with the 15th year five-year plan with the ambition to attract 3.5 million tourists by 2025 and generate $2 billion in revenue.

The tourism industry had invested heavily in the infrastructure urging a major boost on foreign tourist arrival. Before COVID-19, the industry had shown a remarkable demonstration of 34.6 percent growth.

As of now, the pandemic has created a certainty, has halted travel and tourism. Till the end of September 2020, the Government of Nepal has stopped issuing on arrival visa and online visa until further notice.


How quickly will the tourism sector of Nepal recover from the COVID-19 crisis? Well, if you see the trend of the pandemic, Nepal ranks in the 55th position, with 37 thousand cases to date with the highest recovery, and lowest death rate compared to India, China, the USA, Italy, or Spain.

If you check the data of 7 provinces of Nepal, the cases appear to be higher in Province 3 (Kathmandu) with 27.45% while the lowest one is in Province 6 with 5.37%.

Province Percentage of Cases Percentage of Death
Province 1 8.99% 10.71%
Province 2 24.31% 33.33%
Province 3 27.45% 30.06%
Province 4 5.95% 6.85%
Province 5 15.62% 14.88%
Province 6 5.37% 1.49%
Province 7 12.32% 2.68%

Source: UNDP Nepal

The question of how quickly the tourism will revive in Nepal depends wholly upon the domestic policies, global health, and promotional activities and the economic situation of China, Europe, USA, and India- Nepal’s topmost source of source. Even though the contagion rate is not much high in Nepal, the international travel restrictions, fall in discretionary income, and spending capacity is likely to decline after the abolishment of restrictions.

However, once the lockdown and restrictions are over, domestic tourism is likely to gear up for the greater momentum. The post-lockdown traveling is likely to see gushed up domestic travels in the destinations such as Chitwan, Pokhara, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Illam for the sight-seeing purpose. While the trek lovers are sure to pack their bags and head towards the nearest trekking destinations like Mardi trek, Ghale Gaun, Manang-Mustang hike to devour the long-noted thirst of the Himalayas.


Every year the trekking trails of Nepal got filled with tourists from all over the world. But this year, the routes got deserted. The only reason for the abandonment is the obvious fear of COVID-19.

The magical land of Nepal is packed with beautiful hills, far-stretched Himalayas, isolated villages, green lustrous forests and more. Nepal offers a rewarding, scenic walk along the mountain trails. These regions are least affected by COVID-19 as zero or very few cases are identified.

  • Simikot – 4 cases (recovered)
  • Rara trekking region – 13 cases (recovered)
  • Dolpa trekking region – 6 cases (recovered)
  • Upper Mustang – 1 (recovered)
  • Dhaulagiri region – 0 cases
  • Annapurna region – 0 cases
  • Manaslu region –3 cases (recovered)
  • Langtang region – 18 cases (recovered)
  • Everest region – 12 cases (recovered)
  • Kanchanjunga region – 20 cases (recovered)

The cases are minor in numbers with least death rate. Hence, the risk of COVID-19 is minimum in the trekking regions of Nepal.


Even after the COVID-19 gets over (which we believe will possibly take years to get completely eradicated), separate rules and regulation is set aside by the tourism and hospitality industries of Nepal. The country is claiming partially to stick on its traditional rituals of ‘Namaste’, where two hands are joined to welcome international travelers. Additional changes likely to encounter by the travelers on their visit to Nepal are:

  • Green transport system and eco-tourism.
  • Adopt clean risk-resilient models and roadmaps.
  • Integrate hygiene, and contactless solutions.
  • PCR tested travel guides and tour operators.
  • Clean and well-sanitized hotel rooms, and eateries.
  • PCR tested hotel staff, cooks, drivers, and housekeepers.

As Nepal is always known for its great hospitality, we look forward to serving the tourists in a more safe and secure manner. Strong discipline is what is needed to combat the epidemic and to regain the normal traveling life.


Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is the major destination for safe landing in Nepal. It is a busiest hub, facing frequent inflow and outflow of visitors on a regular basis. So, it is important for the government to take every measure to pull in regular flow of tourists. And Government of Nepal along with Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has taken the following measures:

  • Available of sanitization from runway to the arrival length.
  • Adaptation of special alertness in the passenger area of the terminal building.
  • High vigilance for social distancing amongst the passengers.
  • Technical arrangement for the health and emergency checkup.
  • Usage of disinfection and sanitizers on all sites of the airport.
  • Transport management and highly equipped modern infrastructure for safe exist of the passenger.

We are prepared to welcome the visitors with safety, care, and hospitality in the best form.


The travel advice to enter is under constant review. Please check the official website for the visa notice.

  • Entry requirements
  • For now, the entry is prohibited to foreign nationals. As per the decision relayed by the Nepal Government, the land-based entry crossings to Nepal is closed to foreigners from the third countries till 2020, September 16. However, people traveling to Nepal must show a valid PCR test taken within 72-hours of travel which demonstrates negative test result.


  • Regular entry requirements 

O Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months when submitting application for a visa.

O An emergency travel document for entry, transit and exit from Nepal with a valid visa.

Sealinks Travel & Tour has been serving the international traveler’s past decades. We have created a milestone and we shall create a golden one in the upcoming years by serving the visitors with excellent services. We are keen to make your post-COVID-19 travel experience distinct, warm, and valuable. Let us together fight the crisis and stand together after the crisis!

Know China Before You Take China Tour Package From Nepal

China Tour Package from Nepal is the best package where we can visit and know about China and tere people. China is an ancient city which has many historical stories.

China is the country having the largest population in the world. It is a full power pack of a country which is the most attraction for the tourist from all over the world. In other words, we can say that China is the ancient country having beautiful historical monuments, art and culture. China is the most rapid growing country in the world. Now visiting China is no more difficult for Nepalese people because there are many travel company which provide us China tour package from Nepal but before you take China tour package from Nepal gather some information about China.

Here are some points which may help you to know China better before you take China tour package from Nepal:

Pay In Cash

Even though China is the most developed country until now most parts of the country preferred to use cash instead of using a master or visa card. Therefore, take cash with you if you are going for China tour and also China do you know that China only accepts their own currency so better exchange Chinese currency. For business purpose, China accepts only U.S dollar or the Hong Kong dollar.

Exchange Currency Through ATM

If you are travelling through  China tour package from Nepal and worried about where to exchange the currency then don’t panic too much because you can easily exchange your currency at ATM nearby in China. International ATM are all over the cities but maybe you find hard inside the village area but if you have to do your banking face to face then bring a local translator with you because most of the employee doesn’t understand English at China. 


One of the most important things you have to know when you take tour package from Nepal is a visa. China does not offer visa on the arrival therefore, you have to arrange your visa before you travel to China. If you are applying for a tourist visa then you should have the letter of your Chinese friends or relatives invitation or provide all the detail itinerary of your travel plan which includes your hotel reservation and return tickets too.  

Travel insurance plan

If you are taking China tour package from Nepal then you have to make travel insurance Even though China is a safe country but every country has it’s own policy so we have to follow that policy too.

Drink Bottled Water

If we are planning for China tour then you have to know that drinking water directly from the tap is not a healthy habit because tab water is not healthy as compared to bottled water.

Air Pollution

Besides this fact that China is the largest country in the world and largest populated country, China is also the most polluted city in the world therefore, prepare yourself from being sick due to pollution.


Driving in China is very hard roads are very pack and full of risk so driving on the road of China is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Bring Toilet Papers

Yes, carry toilet paper with you because Chinese does not have toilet paper in their toilets therefor, brink your own role of toilet paper with you.


Chinese people are very friendly and helpful. There are lots of amazing things in China. It is a very beautiful country there are all the facilities you needed china tour package from Nepal will be your most amazing tour which you will experience in your life.

Everything you need to Know about Visit Nepal 2020

Visit Nepal 2020 inaugural ceremony will be held be on 1st January 2020 corresponding with Ministerial Conclave 2020 in the Capital. ‘Sustainable Tourism through Preservation of Natural and Cultural Heritages & rsqu is the motto of tourism the year 2020.

Everything you need to Know about Visit Nepal 2020

Visit Nepal 2020 is a pledge by the Government of Nepal to promote Tourism Industry throughout the country. Nepal has the potential of Tourism in every sector that you can imagine. Despite the small size (147,181, it is gifted with all the possibilities of establishing itself as the

Government of Nepal had planned 2018 as the Tourism year but the overwhelming earthquake of 7.8 Richter struck Nepal on 25th April 2015. The aftershocks on 26th April and 12th May heaped more misery. The very reason for ‘Visit Nepal 2020’

The Government of Nepal postponed the campaign for 2020 so that it could rebuild the whole nation better prior to the black day (referring to 12th Baisakh). Nepal aims to host 2 million tourists in 2020 and has been rebuilding the nation since.

Visit Nepal 2020 inaugural ceremony will be held be on 1st January 2020 corresponding with Ministerial Conclave 2020 in the Capital. ‘Sustainable Tourism through Preservation of Natural and Cultural Heritages&rsqu is the motto of tourism the year 2020.

The main goal of visit Nepal 2020 is to promote and establish Nepal as the Travel Destination in the world. The better side to it is flourishing all the local level tourism to an international level. The economic growth is the aftereffect.

Nepal Government is grinding its best strategies to make the VNY 2020 a successful tourism year even better than the previous campaigns in 1998 and 2011. Rebuilding the nation as its priority, expansion of Tribhuvan International Airport and construction of Gautam Buddha International Airport in Bhairahawa is an ongoing process to facilitate the tourist immigration.

Cultural Sites and Historic monuments were hugely affected by the quake. Most of them were leveled to the ground. Almost all the sites and monuments are under construction to retain its old self. Despite that, the natural beauty remains intact.

The Government of Nepal and Tourism Board have formulated plans to facilitate the tourists economically by managing the prices of traveling. There will be a standard set for lodging and food prices. Amazing life experiences for a small figure is enduring.

Tourists will have a very peculiar experience visiting Nepal in 2020. They will witness that the charm remains the same in spite of the sorrow it has been through. The artistry is being restored but the cultural values never lost its place.

Nepal embodies numerous breathtaking landscapes from east to west. Nepal is a paradise for anyone who loves nature. The biodiversity is simply awesome. Nepal cherishes 852 species of birds. Let the variation within a species be a bonus to all the bird watchers. Many endangered species will treat your eyes. Royal Bengal tiger, one-horned rhino, red panda and many more rare creations of nature home themselves in the greenery of Nepal.

The variance in culture, similarities among diversities, colorful vibrant festivities, ethnic groups and their languages, lifestyle, living God and Goddesses will surely be a wonderful lifetime experience. Every little trip will offer you new perspectives to look into the word. If you are adventurous enough Nepal will never let you down.

Not only cultural sites, historical monuments, and beautiful landscapes but also the people of Nepal are very hearty. They all will not disappoint you with their hospitality. It is in the nature of Nepalese people to gratify the guests regardless of wealth, religion, ethnicity and culture. ‘Atithi Deva Vawa’ meaning ‘guests are gods’ is a common practice among Nepalese. Even atheists respect it.

Visit Nepal 2020 features all the available grounds for tourists to visit throughout the year. Nepal has a vast tourism portfolio. From highest mountains to living Goddesses, Historical and cultural sites to National parks and wildlife reserves with abundant wildlife, Mesmerizing trek routes to phenomenal hospitality.

While in Nepal, you can plan your trip according to your preference. Nepal offers you broad categories with exceptional experiences to choose from. Every landscape offers a different experience so more the merrier. Having said that any destination you select will surpass your expectations. <

What can you expect from Visit Nepal 2020?

Many touristic spots are still to be discovered as they extend to corners of the country where facilities are limited. Those that will surely be available for you to explore in the near future. Below are the infamous landscapes and sites you can travel to in 2020.

The Cultural Heritages

Nepal is a wonderful experience. As mentioned above it is full of cultural differences, languages among different ethnic groups. Everyone is related to some culture in one way or the other. Despite the differences harmony exists which supports the fact ‘unity in cultural diversity’.

The cultures are represented as a whole using artistry in cultural sites relating to various religions. Cultural sites embrace deep values, spirituality, the essence of religious beliefs and more. The best thing you can find is it is not bounded by religion. Everyone is free to visit. That is unique and praiseworthy.

Some Cultural Heritages you must visit while in Nepal are listed below:

  • Boudhanath Stupa
  • Swyambhunath Stupa
  • Bhaktapur Durbar Square
  • Patan Durbar Square
  • Kathmandu Durbar Square
  • Pashupatinath Temple
  • Lumbini   

Religious Sites

Religious sites hold religious values and beliefs of Nepalese people from different backgrounds. They are found all over and around the country. Most of the sites aren’t easy to access due to lack of infrastructure while some are inside Kathmandu Valley. Long Treks on trails lead to these places since they are remotely located. Few of them can be reached by vehicle. The amazing fact about religious sites is that not all of them are man-made architectures that hold religious values of their ethnicity or religion. Some of the religious sites in Nepal are fascinating landscapes with heavenly stories behind them and each holding relatable mystery. The exotic and overwhelming sites you should visit to gain perspectives in life.

Some of the Religious Places for you to visit in Nepal are as follows:

  • Muktinath
  • Gosainkunda
  • Janaki Mandir
  • Manakamana
  • Mai Pokhari
  • Budhanilkantha
  • Panch Pokhari
  • Pathibhara Temple
  • Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple

National Parks, Wildlife Reserves and Conservation Area

A nature-loving person can have satisfaction above his/her expectations in Nepal. Nepal is very rich in flora and fauna. Geographical diversity is immense in Nepal which supports noteworthy biodiversity. The climate and geography bolster unique animals that are rare and found only here. Nepal habitats 852 species of birds, 651 species of butterfly, 200 species of fishes, 127 species of reptiles, 185 species of mammals and more.

The Government of Nepal has declared certain areas as protected boundaries to preserve endangered species of flora and fauna. They are mesmerizing to your eyes. You can savor the beautiful creation of nature in and around the parks and reserves. Jungle safari, trekking, hunting, etc. are some features you can enjoy. You can visit these places for the sole purpose of pleasure or researches as you like.

Some popular National Parks and Wildlife Reserves are listed below for you to choose from.

  • Chitwan National Park
  • Bardiya National Park
  • Sagarmatha National Park
  • Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park
  • Makalu Barun National Park
  • Langtang National Park
  • Shey Phoksundo National Park
  • Rara National Park
  • Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve
  • Parsa Wildlife Reserve
  • Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve
  • Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
  • Khaptad National Park
  • Kanchanjunga Conservation Area
  • Annapurna Conservation Area
  • Gaurishankar Conservation Area
  • Krishnasar Conservation Area
  •  Khaptad National Park
  • Kanchanjunga Conservation Area

Mountaineering and Trekking

There are 68 mountains for you to choose from if you are a mountaineer. There are many agencies in Nepal to facilitate mountaineering. They do a very exceptional job to make your dream come true. All you need to do is contact them and they will guide you to your summit. Every detail you need for accomplishing your goals will be made available to you as soon as you initiate the project.

Some mountains tourists chose in the previous years and actually were able to summit are listed below for you.

  • Ama Dablam (6814 m.)
  • Annapurna 1 (8091 m.)
  • Annapurna 4 (7525 m.)
  • Barun Tse (7129 m.)
  • Danfe Sali (6102 m.)
  • Dhaulagiri (8167 m.)
  • Gaugiri (6110 m.)
  • Gyaji Kang (7074 m.)
  • Himlung Himal (7126 m.)
  • Lhotse (8516 m.)
  • Manaslu (8163 m.)
  • Makalu 1(8463 m.)
  • Putha Hinchuli (7246 m.)
  • Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) (8848 m.)
  • Saribung (6346 m.)
  • Sarphu 4 (6433 m.) Thapa Peak (Dhampus) (6012 m.)

With this, there are many more possibilities for exciting activities as well.

Are You Planning For China Tour from Nepal? Is china worth visiting?

China tour from Nepal is also the most popular packages for travelers. Nepal and China are the neighbours’ country so the bond and the relation with the two countries are really good. Nepal the country of natural beauty, rich in cultural heritage and tradition which makes this country a beautiful and travel destination.

Are You Planning For China Tour from Nepal? Is china worth visiting?

China is a huge and diverse country with a different culture and a history so long that it can be difficult to choose which cities and sights to give a high priority when planning a China tour from Nepal. China tour is one of the amazing countries that should be on every traveler must-visit list.

while you are in China tour be sure to visit the province of Yunnan, one of the lesser-known, but one of the most beautiful destinations within China. China Tour is the main attraction for tourists from all over the world. 

China tour from Nepal is also the most popular packages for travelers. Nepal and China are the neighbors’ country so the bond and the relation with the two countries are really good. Nepal the country of natural beauty, rich in cultural heritage and tradition which makes this country a beautiful and travel destination.

Lots of  Chinese travelers also visit Nepal to explore the natural scenery, tradition, and culture. Tourism in China is also a growing industry that is becoming a significant part of the Chinese economy. The tourism field of china has expanded greatly over the last few decades.

  • A Little About China Tour From Nepal  And Its Attraction For Travelers.

The first factor that affects turn China tour from Nepal into a pole of attraction for tourists is the beautiful culture of the Chinese, massive territory which allows treasuring great landscapes and climate diversity. another element that attracts many travelers and tourists is China has a strong unfolded history and the land is full of historical places; tourism itself succeeds here once the world started to know a little about China and its people. On the other hand, the rich culture and modern facilities in China encourage tourism platforms to work energetically.   

“Yes, China tour From Nepal is definitely worth considering since it is the main attraction for travelers and Tourism companies nowadays.”

the inducement for China tour is countless, ranging from places as outstanding for their originality and the attractions which bought China tour from Nepal into the limelight. So many travelers and tourists are more attracted to the China tour from Nepal and when you’re going for a China tour you will find unlimited spots to explore culture and history, the land also has dozens of scenic areas. The beauty of the region is outstanding and the list of the Naturally beautiful location is very long. But I have mentioned some of the main attractions and must-visit places when you plan for China tour from Nepal.

  • Hike the Great Wall Of China

the Great Wall is the most renowned and main attraction of China as well as the symbol of China on the worldwide stage. Your China tour isn’t completed without having a hike on the great wall. it’s just about half a day or a full day to hike the great wall.

  • Explore forbidden city and temple of heaven in Beijing

China has a well-known history of more than 2000 years during which Beijing was the capital city for three significant lines Yuan, Ming, Qing. Having preserved several places, Temples and different destinations of the old imperial dynasty, the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing are two best places to explore the history and culture of old china royal history.

  • Have an exciting sky walking on the world’s longest and highest glasses bridge

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge has become a popular attraction in 2016 and 2017.”The world’s highest and longest glass bridge” which is really popular, numerous tourists are attracted to this spot. Many tourists who are planning for the china tour from Nepal are more excited to visit this place for a thrilling experience. Walking on the  Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, you may feel stressed and frightened, but you can have a fabulous view of the silver streams and green valley.

  • Discover China Tour With Sea links Holidays

during the last few years,  we have managed to organize thousands of trips to different destinations in China for our clients. But china tour from Nepal is the best packages for the travelers. our aim is to create ideal itineraries that are made to match your individual needs, interests, and budgets and make sure that you are taken care of every step along the way while you are in China tour.

Why Ghorepani Poon hill Trek Is one of the Popular trekking In Nepal?

Ghorepani Poon Hill trek is one of the most popular trekking destinations in recent times. With one of the best trek leading the heart of the Everest and Annapurna Area. Ghorepani poon hill trek is not like any other hard and long trek. This trekking is much more easier and short one.

Why Ghorepani Poon hill Trek Is one of the Popular trekking In Nepal?

The most popular and easiest trekking destination Ghorepani poon hill trek destination is one of the easiest treks in the Annapurna region. well suited for those short time or hoping for a shorter, easier trekking holiday than trekking the Annapurna Circuit or Mount Everest base camp trek.

The way through the Poon Hill trek assembles different rhododendron forests and wonderful normal views of mountains and Himalayas including the Annapurna range. Poon Hill Trek is obviously best known for the views from Poonhill. Poon hill trek is known as a Photographer’s Paradise, you can capture the absolute best snaps of amazing Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges. Poonhill offers you the striking display of the enormous Himalayas including Annapurna South, Annapurna 1, Annapurna 2, 3, and 4, Dhaulagiri, Lamjung Himalaya, among a couple of others.

The reason why Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is popular trekking?

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is one of the most popular and trending trekking destinations of recent times. With probably one of the best trek leading the heart of the Everest and Annapurna area. Here, I have mentioned the main highlights of poon hill trek and Ghorepani Trek so you would recognize what to search for during the trekking period.

  • Beautiful view from Poon hill

obviously it is the main attraction of the entire trekking journey. At the height of 3201 meters, Poon Hill Trekking is the best for the viewpoint in the whole Annapurna district. panoramic views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, fishtail, Himachali and other peaks. out of here, you can have mind-blowing scenery and an extremely beautiful view of more than 20 peaks towering on all sides. Sounds so real, right? Poon hill sunrise view which is another main attraction of this trek, where the sun rays paint the Annapurna mountain makes it more worth it.

  • Experience the Rich Gurung Culture

if you know anything about the different Nepalese culture, you would understand that the Gurung culture is one of the most well known, extraordinary and praised cultures in Nepal. Ghorepani is one of the most prevalent Gurung villages in Nepal. While most villages in the region are currently empty except a couple of teahouses, this one is still lively as ever. Here, you will stay in one of the homestays continued running by warm and hospitable people, you can enjoy their delicious and tasty food with tuning into their stories of life in the Himalayan foothill. if you need to, you can even rent their beautiful ethnic dress and posture for photographs before a genuinely amazing tradition house.

  • Anyone can go at  anytime

Ghorepani poon hill trek is not like any other hard and long treks, this trek can is much easier and shot one. Ghorepani poon hill trek is short, obviously, and simple. Despite the fact, you need to climb just two or three-step sections and stairs to cross. Because of shorter length, height, and simple availability, If you want you can take small kids and elderly people in this beautiful short trekking.

Likewise, due to short trekking height, it is even possible to trek all through the winter months. Since the trek does exclude crossing high passes, it is so far trekkable up to early-December. Regardless, from late December, the temperature begins to drop radically and keep on until January and February.


Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is one of the most rewarding trekking in Nepal. This trekking is ideal for the ones who don’t have enough time for a week. Annapurna Poon hill trek also is known as the best panorama trekking. If you guys are  planning for the Ghorepani poon hill trek

Top Destination for outbound tour

At the present time, the outbound tour is increasing due to many reasons such as people wants to learn something new and want to explore more the beauty, culture, the tradition of that country or places.

Top Destination for outbound tour

Traveling is one of the best ways to explore the world. Traveling to different places, countries and the beauty of that place make you speechless then turn you into storytellers. Of course, every traveler wants to explore the beauty, culture, traditions of different places. If you want to explore the world you travel the world”. Traveling to foreign destinations in the festive season or normal day vacation trip has lately become a popular trend among Nepalese. Every year many people from Nepal choose an outbound tour for their vacation trip. Mainly those people whose relatives and children are living abroad plan vacation trips abroad destination so that they could meet their beloved ones.

At the present time, the outbound tour is increasing due to many reasons such as people wants to learn something new and want to explore more the beauty, culture, the tradition of that country or places. On the other hand, the personal incomes of the people are increasing which ultimately pushes for traveling to other new places and countries. Many people choose outbound tour packages as their vacation trip. Nepal Country is known for its natural beauty, culture, tradition, religions which is really a good plus point for the tourism industry. Every year many tourists travel to Nepal to explore the beauty of this country. In Nepal, there are lots of travel and Tours Company which provides the best inbound tour and outbound tour packages.

Which Outbound Tour Would you choose?

  • Bali Tour Package

Bali is one of the most exotic countries in Asia and visiting this place gives a stand-out encounter that can really be awesome. Bali Tour Package has a lot to offer. Bali Tour is one of the most outbound tour destinations with inspiring white beaches, famous temples, and stunning spa services (a world-class best), Bali tour is really a wonderful trip you will experience. Bali Tour is one of the most beautiful Indonesian islands. Their hospitality and friendly people make this Bali tour more memorable. Bali tour is also famous for its active volcanoes, a considerable lot of which lie under the ocean. Here I have mentioned some highlights of Bali Tour.

  1. Denpasar city tour and sunset Tanah lot temple
  2. Uluwatu tour
  3. water sports activity
  4. Besakih Temple
  5. Sekumpul Waterfall
  • Thailand Tour

Thailand tour is a stand out amongst other essential travel destinations in Asia; Thailand tour is known as the best spot for its extraordinary area, tropical atmosphere, the spectacular wildlife, and the amazing Thai food, fascinating society. You are ensured to discover the best and awesome experience in this beautiful country in a safe and well-prepared environment. If you are planning for the holiday trip at your very own convenience, the Thailand tour is extremely an incredible fun trip and one of the most exciting trips you will experience. Thailand’s tour is really a popular trip nowadays. Many people choose Thailand tour for their business purpose also. Many people travel to different places however the Thailand tour is outstanding amongst other outbound tour package which every traveler wants to include in their travel diaries. Here I have included some highlights of Thailand tour.

  1. Get a taste of Bangkok on tuk-tuk street food tour
  2. visit damnoen saduak floating market
  3. Northern hill tribe
  4. Chatuchak weekend market
  5. Sukothai historical park
  • Dubai Tour

Dubai is the most beautiful Arabian country where you get views of the modern skyline, comprehensive infrastructure, brilliant attractions, glamorous shopping mall, fine dining and quality hotels. Dubai tour is the most popular outbound tour in Nepal. Many people from Asia and Europe visit Dubai tour package.  If you are planning for the Dubai tour then I ensure you don’t miss out on the chance to visit the world tallest structure, Burj Khalifa. This experience allows you the chance to enjoy the most beautiful panoramas of Dubai from one of the world’s highest outdoor observation decks. Dubai tour is one of the best holiday tour packages you can have the full energy and delight in the Dubai tour. In Nepal also there are lots of travelers who want to explore the beauty and richness of the Dubai city. Here I have mentioned some of the Dubai tour highlights.

  1. Desert safari with BBQ and belly dance
  2. Dubai city tour
  3. Dhow cruise dinner
  4. Desert Safari
  5. Dubai Aquarium
  • Malaysia and Singapore tour

Malaysia and Singapore tour provides the flavor of the stunning scenes, multicultural harmony and cosmopolitan way of life. Malaysia and Singapore tour is an awesome and best mixture of races and religions where diverse ethnic groups like Malays, Indians, Chinese, and Christian live in h harmony together. Multiculturalism made Malaysia and Singapore tour home to shimmering and bright festivals. Malaysia and Singapore tour is blessed with huge activities and natural wonders, making it perfect for somebody to choose shopping, spa, playing golf, diving, birdwatching, parks, and garden. Malaysia and Singapore tour is a remarkable cultural diversity. In this city, one can encounter an ultra-modern lifestyle as well as a cultural and religious heritage site. Malaysia and  Singapore tour is also a popular vacation destination. many travelers include Malaysia and Singapore tour in their traveling diaries. Here are some of the main highlights for the Malaysia and Singapore tour.

  1. National Gallery in Singapore
  2. Petronas Twin Tower in Kaulampur
  3. Redang Island
  4. Universal Studios Singapore
  5. Kinabalu National Park

 At Last But Not Least

Tourism is a very diverse sector in itself. It has become an integral part of people’s lives and important to the country’s economy. in the same way outbound tourism is also rising recently.families and friends are packing their bags and planning for the outbound tour packages for their vacation trip. outbound tourism is being popular because as a family vacation has become the gateway from stresses relating to work-life or other personal issues. 

Why Pokhara Tour is the main attraction for the traveler ?

Pokhara, A metro government official city situated in Gandaki Pradesh of Nepal is viewed as the second biggest city of Nepal. quite smaller than Kathmandu, Pokhara accommodates an extensive variety of activities for explorers.

Why Pokhara Tour is the main attraction for the traveler ?

Pokhara, A metro government official city situated in Gandaki Pradesh of Nepal is viewed as the second biggest city of Nepal. quite smaller than Kathmandu, Pokhara accommodates an extensive variety of activities for explorers. Pokhara Trip is the main attraction for the traveler. Pokhara city itself is the most beautiful city with its natural beauty, Quiet Lakes, Waterfalls, Ancient caverns, Museums, and excellent perspectives on the Himalayas dazzle anybody visiting the wonderful city. It is far-reaching for a few experiences which are listed below:

  1. Trekking
  2. Climbing
  3. Paragliding
  4. Skydiving
  5. Rafting
  6. Boating
  7. Canoeing 
  8. Horse rides

Subsequently, Pokhara Tour is considered the famous traveler goal of Nepal. Numerous individuals visit the area so as to make a trip to the Annapurna extend so it is additionally called a passage to the Annapurna Region. There are abundant motivations to why somebody should stopover Pokhara. Some of them have recorded beneath:

  • Phewa Lake / Tal Barahi Island Temple

Pokhara Tour is renowned for “City of Seven Lakes. Among them, Phewa Lake is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pokhara, alongside six different lakes. Phewa lake is a freshwater lake in Nepal that begins from the frosty waterways in Annapurna Mountains. It is the second-biggest lake in Nepal. Tal Barahi Temple situated at the focal point of Phewa Lake is the most significant religious landmark of the Pokhara Tour. Various guests visit the temple and take boating experience on this lake. This two-storied pagoda is accepted to be devoted to one of the Hindu divine beings are known as Vishnu. It normally becomes busy on Saturdays. Swimming and sailing in the wonderful lakes bring everybody’s psyche quiet. 

  • Mahendra Cave

  Mahendra cave is situated in the city of Pokhara in the western area of Nepal. It is the Large limestone cave where a statue of Hindu Lord Shiva can be found. This cave was found in the late 1950s by youthful shepherds of Pokhara. The cave hallways are totally dull with constantly dripping water overhead. The cave is framed in limestone, which tumbles to the ground and constantly shapes electrical sparkles. This spot lies in the bottom of a hill secured with greenery where grazing horses and donkeys can regularly be seen here. hence, it has persevered through one of the most visited places in Pokhara. |If you are planning for  Pokhara Tour you should visit Mahendra Cave.

  • David Fall

David Fall is a waterfall underground tunnel situated at Pokhara. It is likewise called Patale Chango which signifies “underworld waterfall” is one of the significant tourist places in Nepal. You can visit this site whenever it is open on days of the week. A large number of Nepali visit for refreshment and enjoyment as it is a charm for travelers and local people as it has complex structures and individuals even overlook the route inside the cave. As indicated by one of the numerous nearby legends, the Swiss couple dropped into the sinkhole and suffocated. In the wake of leaving the passage, the water goes through a cavern called GupteshworMahadev “cave underneath the ground”. 

  • Begnas Lake

Begnas is another outstanding name after Phewa Lake situated in the south-east of the Pokhara Valley. The lake is the third-biggest Lake of Nepal and second-biggest, after Phewa Lake where you can see numerous Tourists visiting here as it is one of the beloved locations of the visitors. This could be the ideal spot for somebody who needs to participate in nature and appreciates calmly. visitors can take boats for hire and dive into the waters with proper security measures.

  • Museums

International Mountain Museum is the most mainstream historical center in Pokhara. Here, you can explore the whole exhibition hall with the feature of historical documents, chronicles on mountaineering and collection of flora and fauna collected from the Himalayas and different areas. A traveler who adores climbing can discover important data about climbing. Moreover, the Gorkha historical center and Pokhara territorial exhibition hall are other prevalent galleries in Pokhara. Gurkha’s exhibition hall is brimming with photos and accomplishments of courageous Gurkha warriors explicitly intended to respect the more intrepid Gurkha officers. So also, Pokhara territorial exhibition hall is about the historical backdrop of the Pokhara as it covers different ethnic foundations and customs of the past.

  • Gupteshwor Mahadev Temple

Gupteshwor Mahadev Temple is another cave that is found 2 km away from an airplane terminal on the Siddhartha Highway driving southwest from the Pokhara(opposite to David fall). Gupteshwor sanctuary is a heavenly spot for the Hindu where Shivalinga is safeguarded in the cavern. The cavern has been dispersed into two sections. The initial segment of the cave is 40 meters long with normal cave and the Shivalinga and the subsequent part starts after this sanctuary and prompts Davis Fall.

  • World Peace Pagoda

standing on top of the Anadu Hill, a Buddhist pagoda-style landmark was made by Buddhist priests as an image of harmony. It adds magnificence to the Pokhara Tour providing an all-encompassing perspective on the Annapurna range and Phewa Lake. There are 3 different ways to there; by boat, through the jungle, and the dam. The most secure and least demanding approach to reach there would be by boat. This is recommended for amateur travelers to avoid getting lost. Very much encouraged as Kathmandu yet relatively increasingly quiet and peaceful Pokhara is perhaps the best spot for your occasions in Nepal. Less bustling streets and very much overseen urban life enables voyagers to be lost in the regular magnificence of Pokhara.

Last but not Least

Pokhara tour package is one of the most popular tours packages which focuses on the attraction and tourist places at Pokhara city. Pokhara Tour packages run by Sea links Holidays are at a reliable expense and time period.  We likewise offer different visit exercises in Pokhara. Pokhara city itself is the most beautiful city. Many of the traveler’s main destinations are Pokhara

The Next Big Thing in Tourism

Tourism is a very diverse sector in itself. It has become integral to people’s lives and also an important part of many countries economy. Nepal is one of such many countries. The tourism industry has been flourishing in Nepal.

The Next Big Thing in Tourism

What do you think it is?

Tourism is a very diverse sector in itself. It has become integral to people’s lives and also an important part of many countries economy. Nepal is one of such many countries. The tourism industry has been flourishing in Nepal. New trends are being set in Nepal and one that is rising is expected to become the next big thing in Nepal’s tourism is Family vacation.

Family Vacation is on Trend now…

Family vacation is rapidly growing in the present scenario. There has been the development of the trend of going on vacation or tours on peak season along with all the family members.  It’s even seen that the parents are taking their children along with them in their business travel. People are being infatuated towards travelling to new places.

This is being popular because as family vacation has become the getaway from stresses relating to work-life or other personal issues. Change in the lifestyles and  perspectives are another influencing factor. People have come to know that travelling together as one of the best ways   for bonding whether that is with the family   or people outside of the family. They want   to create experiences that will last through life.

Inbound Tourism

Inbound tourism (i.e. places and activities within the country like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini and rafting, trekking to Annapurna, Poonhill, Ghorepani, Mardi etc.) has been in prosperity stage for more than few years. People are exploring new places within their own homeland. It’s actually good to travel own country for short but refreshing trips.

Outbound Tourism

In the same way, outbound tourism (outside of the residing country) is also rising recently. Family are planning and getting packages for tours or vacation outside of the country. Some of the popular destinations are Dubai tourThailand tourBali tour.

The choice of destination largely depends on the class and background of the family. It may be inbound or outbound. If the travel agencies are able to provide with effective and attractive packages focusing on the families then it’s sure to be one of the next big things in tourism.

Things To Know Before You Go For Malaysia Tour



Malaysia tour is the best tour you will have in your life. You will see the combination of mix people, culture, heritage and climate. There are lots of place to visit while Malaysia Tour. The climate is hot and sunny. Malaysia is truly Asia and a heaven in the earth everyone once in their life should visit Malaysia and enjoy its beauty.

Malaysia is the most beautiful South Asian country which occupies many parts of the Malay Peninsula and the Island of Borneo. It’s a capital city is Kuala Lumpur.  Every year many people from the different country go for Malaysia Tour and visit Malaysia.  It is rich in art, culture, Big buildings, Shopping malls etc. are its main point of attraction. 

Malaysia tour has become one of the destination tours for the people around the world including Nepal. Nepalese people also go for Malaysia Tour and spend some quality time there with their family and friends. In spite of many being a tourist area, the country has its own rules and regulation which every tourist have to follow before their tour to Malaysia.

Some Of The Special Feature Of Malaysia Tour


Different country has a different taste of food they eat. Every country has its own types of food and taste. Likewise, Malaysia has also its own taste of food. Malaysian food is greatly influenced by Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese and Sumatran culture because Malaysia has been the part of these countries and therefore there is a mixed taste of food. Hope you will enjoy all the taste of this food during your Malaysia tour.

 Visit Singapore 

You can also travel Singapore while your tour to Malaysia because Singapore and Malaysia was once the same country before its partition. Therefore, it is easy to visit Singapore from Malaysia. You can get Malaysian e visa valid for 90 days and used within 3 months ie. 90 days from the date of e visa issued, you can stay 30 days at Malaysia after that.

What To Do And What Not To Do while Malaysia Tour  

 Malaysia is generally a beautiful country to laid back and relax but it has its own custom which visitors should have to follow or observe the practices. Here is the list of some common practices which you should know before your Malaysia tour. Handshakes are although taken as common for both man and women but still some Muslim women of Malaysia may introduce themselves by nodding and smiling. Traditional greetings or salam indicates handshakes with both hands without the grasp. But for man greet by both hands lightly touches his stretched hands and then bring his friend’s hands to his chest which means “I greet you from my heart”.

  • It is taken as a polite action before you visit someone home.
  •  When you enter Malaysians home then it is taken as a good manner to take off your shoes outside the door.
  • It is polite to accept the drink which is offered to you because it is Malaysian tradition to offer a drink to the guest.
  • The right hand is taken in a good manner when you eat or giving and receiving things.
  • You cannot point out the place, objects or person with your right forefinger instead of that you can use the thumb of the hand with four fingers folded under.
  • You should have to take permission to click pictures while you visit Mosques and temples and you should enter there with barefoot and put your shoes out of the mosques and temples. Some of the mosques offer robes and scarfs to female visitors which should be strictly put on by female visitors to enter there.
  • Drink plenty of water during your Malaysia tour because Malaysia is a hot country and you may suffer from dehydration due to sweat.
  • You can wear cotton and linen clothes so that you feel comfortable in the heat but don’t try to expose your body part much because Malaysia is the Islamic country.  
  • Most of the Malaysian speak English so it will be easy for you to communicate. Talking about Malaysian food most of the food is spicy so you can ask a waiter or waitress about it.
  • Malaysia is a tropical country it may rain any time, therefore, it will be wise if you pack your umbrella with you.


Malaysia tour is the most adventurous tour where you can see the varieties of mix culture and traditions, People are very warm and gentle which is the plus point for the visitors to befriend with Malaysian. You can see the varieties of climate here in Malaysia. There are lots of places to visit there in Malaysia. Therefore pack 

your bags for Malaysia tour.

Travel Nepal Vs Travel Abroad – Choose the one you prefer

Travel enthusiasm is not something everyone has. Passionate Travellers have their own plans and destination choices

Travel Nepal Vs Travel Abroad - Choose the one you prefer

Are you interested in exploring different aspects of your Homeland or Abroad destination?

Travel enthusiasm is not something everyone has. Passionate Travellers have their own plans and destination choices. Some prefer local places whereas some want to grab a different experience through different culture, place and people. Undoubtedly, for a memorable vacation, Nepal is a good choice because of its breathtaking natural beauty, Variety in landscapes, biodiversity, Arts, Culture and many more.

Recently, travelling for refreshment has been boosting among Nepalese people. According to Resources, Domestic tourism is a trend that exists since long ago whereas people are also travelling abroad much more during recent years. Nepalese are being captivated by outbound tours. 

Travel Nepal

Does Domestic tourism in Nepal trigger your interests? 

Either you have been travelling your homeland since long or you are peculiar in this field still you’ll get a bountiful opportunity in Nepal for a great journey. Domestic tourism is a much better option for short vacations. Either you want to travel with family, friends or solo you are free to fulfil your desire. Also, Its hassle-free vacation that means no pressure of documents and visas. Well, Anyone would love that, Don’t they? 

You can get countless options like Short tours, Long Journey, Trekking, Climbing and Expeditions, Hiking, Rafting, Kayaking, Yoga tours, Homestay tours etc.

Trekking and Expeditions is a way to fill your soul with new energy and positive vibes. I assume you know about the high altitude trekking areas but also following are some of those which you can’t miss if you love adventure.

Trekking in Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp Trek              Everest Base Camp Trek

Ghorepani – Poonhill Trek                  Langtang Valley Trek

Other than Trekking and Expeditions, Roaming around most popular cities is also one experience. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Nagarkot, etc are some of the day tour destinations people love. Kathmandu- Pokhara Tour has been a popular tour plan among both domestic as well as international Tourists.

Everyone knows that Nepal is the second richest country of water resources. Rafting, Boating, Kayaking everything is possible here. 


Do you know canyoning is most refreshing adventure among all? One must try it since there are amazing waterfalls. Terai region has stunning forests and Jungles where we can enjoy the wildlife. Chitwan has always been popular for Jungle Safari.

People, especially for Nepalese the satisfaction of observing such a mesmerizing creation of nature is beyond all happiness. If you are trying to explore every aspect of your homeland Nepal then its never-ending process.

OR, How about A new Destination far away from your Regular Visits? 

Travelling somewhere far from your homeland is essential if you really want to get a break from the regular schedule. Many people are discouraged due to travel costs. Outbound tours are usually more expensive than inbound but anything for a beautiful vacation, Right? 

Where would you like to travel? 

At present, it’s not difficult to find a travel agent who can guide you throughout your whole trip. Once you visit a travel agency, you’ll be familiar with each destination and you can decide where you want to travel.

Yes, Life is Short and you have got to see the world whenever possible.

Bali Tour Package


Each destination is famous for its particular speciality. Talking about a famous vacation destination, Bali is perfect for a peaceful trip. Those incredible beaches are the main attraction for tourists. Bali culture would be something different which you get to experience there.

For a luxury tour, You should choose Dubai. It is the most beautiful Arabian country. If you love shopping, there are many luxurious shopping malls where you can get quality goods. Desert Safari, BBQ, Dances are the entertainment factors there.

Dubai Tour From Nepal

Thailand packages are cheaper than others if you have a limited budget. But you won’t be unsatisfied after the trip. You can enjoy kinds of seafood, good hospitality there. 


China is our neighbour country, Similar to our Nepal it is rich in art and culture but you’ll get a vast change in traditions there. You’ll get new sights there. 

Thus, Either you choose Nepal or any abroad destination, satisfaction is essential and it depends on your previous experience and interests.


Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal is one of the best tourist attractions in Nepal. Nepal can provide some of the best paragliding encounters in the world with it’s natural and frequently produce rising winds.

Paragliding in Nepal gives an opportunity for an aerial view of the Himalayas. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Nepal. Many tourists visit Nepal to explore the beauty of our country. With the low lying valleys and the high cold mountains, Nepal can provide some of the best paragliding encounters in the world with it’s natural and frequently produce rising winds. 

Image result for extreme sport

Paragliding is one of the popular adventure games where the pilot drives the glide without any engine and supporting mechanisms from the cliff or hilltop. When you get the combo of adventures and the natural beauty,  Himalayas, mountains range scenery from the sky is one of the most memorable and best experience you will ever get. 

Related image

Pokhara, the wonderful lakeside town at the foot of the Annapurna Mountains offers paragliding services. The main area for the paragliding is the Pokhara valley where you can view the Himalayas, beautiful Fewa lake from the sky. 

Situated in the broad valley at an altitude of 800m, the reliable climate of this region allows consistent and friendly conditions for paragliding pilots. It isn’t surprising that in a couple of brief years Pokhara has earned a reputation of being one of the best paragliding destinations in the world.

Image result for pokhara fewa lake hd

Pokhara city itself is the most beautiful city where many tourists come to visit to explore the Himalayas, mountains, lakes and many other historic places and cultures but paragliding is one of the main attraction of this place also.

Sarangkot is the takeoff point which offers the prime views of Fewa lake, mountains with sunrise and sunset views and the landing is the Fewa lakeside.  

Ferrari world in Dubai

Dubai is the glamorous and the richest city in the United Arab Emirates is not only one of the top travel destinations in Asia but also one of the most popular international travel destinations in the world. The emirates of Dubai are the second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates but have the biggest population at over 2.1 million inhabitants. Dubai’s dynamics are always transient and ever –changing with its constant urge to construct something better and bigger than the previous.

Dubai is the glamorous and the richest city in the United Arab Emirates is not only one of the top travel destinations in Asia but also one of the most popular international travel destinations in the world. The emirates of Dubai are the second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates but have the biggest population at over 2.1 million inhabitants. Dubai’s dynamics are always transient and ever-changing with its constant urge to construct something better and bigger than the previous. Dubai tour is the best holiday destination. it is certainly not a place for the backpackers or people with a tight budget, Dubai tour has so much to offer that an avid traveller like you or me will not mind spending extra here. There are so many reasons to visit Dubai tour but one of the main attractions.

Dubai  Tour | Dubai Trip

Ferrari world

The world’s biggest theme park, Ferrari World, is a Ferrari themed amusement park. Located in Abu Dhabi, it is a popular getaway option from Dubai. With attractions for all ages, Ferrari World is one of the most preferred destinations for adventure lovers. Speed of Magic, Made in Maranello, The Racing Legends, Paddock, Fast Lane and Tyre Twist are some attractions which take the concept of gaming to the next level. The more adventurous can head for some thrilling experiences including Formula Rossa, Scuderia Challenge and Fiorano GT Challenge. Let your kids take their first driving lesson at Junior GT before they get set for unlimited fun at the Junior Grand Prix.

Dubai Tour | Dubai Trip

Last but not least

If you are planning for Dubai Trip or any country then once know about the country you are supposed to visit. There are many more interesting and beautiful things in Dubai city. Dubai city is known as the richest Arabian city in the world. You will never feel bored or tired during your Dubai trip. It will be your best travel plan ever. Therefore, pack your bags and plan your Dubai trip.

Journey to Syangboche/ Namche bazaar

Syangboche also known as the Syangboche airstrip is an unpaved airstrip serving the village of Namche bazaar in Solukhumbu district, Nepal. It is the closest airstrip to Mount Everest and Everest base camp. Syangboche is not licensed for commercial operations and has few facilities.

Syangboche also known as the Syangboche airstrip is an unpaved airstrip serving the village of Namche bazaar in Solukhumbu district, Nepal. It is the closest airstrip to Mount Everest and Everest base camp. Syangboche is not licensed for commercial operations and has few facilities.

There are no scheduled services and most air craft landing and departing at Syangboche are helicopters and chartered flights from Kathmandu or Lukla. Helicopters do fly further and higher up to Everest base camp, but only for picking up exhausted or injured mountaineers or dropping critical supplies without altitude acclimatization, Syangboche is the highest point it is advisable to reach by aircraft. It is not uncommon for people.

Namche Bazaar is the staging point for expeditions to Everest and other Himalayan peaks in the area. It is also a prosperous market town selling everything from Tibetan artefacts to trekking and climbing equipment. The visitor’s center at park headquarters has detailed in various climbs in the  area and  information on the  lifestyle  and  culture of the Sherpa people.

A historic trading hub, famous for its homemade yak cheese and butter, Namche is situated on the slope of an arch shaped mountain, which allows you to explore the  sights of the mountain peaks throughout the valley, day and night.Many tourist pick namche as the  resting point and  begin their Mt Everest  journey through out .

Dubai Tour Package from Nepal

Dubai Tour will give you the best experience of culture and modernisation. You will find to be enjoying the best of the ways of traditions and whelming civilization. Not only cultures and traditions but you will also have an adventurous journey and thrills to seek for. To those who are into serious travelling and fun, Dubai tour package from Nepal is the best option.

Dubai tour will give you the best experience of culture and modernisation. You will find to be enjoying the best of the ways of traditions and whelming civilization. Not only cultures and traditions but you will also have an adventurous journey and thrills to seek for. To those who are into serious travelling and fun, Dubai tour package from Nepal is the best option.

Dubai is one of the most visited and popular holidays and travel destination for people all around the world. The state can be regarded to be one of, if not the best and a great platform for travel interested people and tourists who love to explore different vacation spots. It is also one of the most visited Arabian states from Nepal and not just for any reason. From being an overwhelming break for families to being a place for the beauty of travelling individually,  you can find cultures over the number of 200, a world of relaxation within and a great adventure in itself. Due to the options and at their best that they have provided, the Dubai tour package from Nepal has been a growing interest in the nation.

Some Special Features of Dubai tour package from Nepal:

  • Food

When it comes to cuisines in Dubai, you name it and you’ll get it. From Asian street foods to European twists, Indian spices to Continental varieties, you can find and enjoy the tastes all in here. You will never be disappointed with the taste Dubai has to offer you. Food is heaven to all and it is a heaven inside a heaven in Dubai. To Nepalese, the cuisine menu from Dubai tour package from Nepal is going to serve them the best in their taste buds.

  • Shopping

Dubai has one of the best shopping malls in the world with best brands of the best qualities. From arabian souks to iconic malls, you’ll never regret shopping here. It has mini markets to lavishing brands where you can find to shop at whatever shopping budget you have. If you are into trend settings and vouges, Dubai tour package from Nepal and the shopping times are going to keep you at your most fashionable time.

  • Adventures and Relaxation

You can never miss out on what Dubai is famous for when you visit. Desert Safaris, sky diving and awesome fun parks are must thrills and fun to experience. And at your most tired time, you can always set your body to relax and boost up you energy at the best medical and ayurvedic spas. So, Dubai tour package from Nepal is going to give you all the fun and adventure and thrills without the stress of having to feel tired.


Dubai tour is an overwhelmingly adventurous tour where you can find enjoying everything from luxury to cuisines to getting rid of the weariness. You can find varieties in cultures and the modernisation it has adapted over the years. Therefore, if you are ready for thrills and adventures, pack your bags and fasten your seat belts and get ready for Dubai tour package from Nepal.

Thailand Tour

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in Asia. The Thailand tour consists of exploring a number of beaches and islands, enjoying street foods, visiting ancient ruins and temples, exploring Thai culture and tribes and many more exciting stuff.

Thailand is a golden place for travellers. Situated in Southeast Asia, it radiates the shades of history, culture and allure of nature. 

In Thailand you can find almost anything; great food, intoxicating beaches with crystal clear water, tropical dense jungles, historic temples, and anything you ask for.

Thailand can pull anyone with its great food, fascinating culture, tropical climate, beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and amazing cultural sites.

Most of the tourists extend their holidays in Thailand beyond their original plan, because it can’t be explored in a short time.

Things to know before making Thailand Tour


Thailand resonates a tropical climate throughout the year. The weather is always hot and humid. During monsoon, the rain simply pours (heavy). During winter the temperature falls below 5ᵒC in the mountainous region, but not to worry too much, a pair of jackets would be enough.

In fact, winter is the best time for Thailand tour. 


Some people travel to Thailand just for food. Yes, you heard it right. Famous for its seafood, the fishes are prepared in a thousand ways. Noodles, soup and curries, desserts, rice, the list goes on for a variety of food. Tourists will have the best meal ever in Thailand.

Thai street foods are mouthwatering as well. You can fancy being full by eating street food rather than in hi-fi restaurants and hotels. To name few best street foods; pad see eiw, kluay tod, pad kra pao, som tam, kai jeow, moo ping and so on. Thailand tour will always be memorable for its food.

And the best thing, Thai food tastes best in Thailand than any other place in the world.


Thailand is a heavily Buddhist populated country. Hundreds of Buddhist temples and spiritual houses can be explored.

Despite the fact that millions of tourists travel to Thailand, their culture still remains protected, uninfluenced and celebrated. The hill tribes and indigenous island people still co-exist in Thailand.

And its most celebrated Songkran festival can’t be missed. It is celebrated during April month.

Travelling Around:

There are numerous ways to explore the streets of Thai cities. The variety of ways you can travel around is astonishing. 

From MRT subway trains to local city buses, from little open-air taxis aka ‘Tuk-Tuk’ to express & long-tail boats, you just name what you want to ride. Songthaews, bamboo river raft, speedboats, motorbike taxis all are running around in the cities.

Top Things to do during Thailand Tour

You don’t travel to Thailand with a particular thing to do in mind. Once you reach Thailand you’ll find hundreds of fascinating things to do.

Exploring Beaches and Islands

Escaping Thailand’s hectic and busy tourist hotspots and hitting the majestic beaches is one major thing to do.

Pataya, Phuket and Ko Samui are the major beach and island destinations. If you want to go even far, explore Ko Kut and Ko Samet islands. Not only these, but there are also beaches everywhere and it’s just your choice to lay down where.

Explore Diverse Culture of Thailand 

You can explore every inch of Thai culture from Buddhist temples in the busy streets of Bangkok to hill tribes in the mountains. 

Thailand consists of more than 40,000 temples in Thailand. Almost in every corner of the city.

You can learn and experience their unique culture of the city, mountain tribes and island tribes. And also be a part of their amazing street festivals such as Songkran water festival, Loi Krathong and so on.

Experience the Floating Markets

Thailand’s floating market is the place where you can find any type of fruits. Damnoen Saduak, Ratchaburi is the most famous floating market, famous for a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Visit National Parks and Ancient Ruins

The Golden Temple in Thailand

Explore some ancient ruins such as;

  • Novice monk at Phimai ruins.
  • Monks at Wat Mahathat in Sukhothai.
  • Wat Si Chum.
  • Wat Chang Lom.
  • The Golden Temple
  • The grand palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun

Other natural highlights such as;

  • Phimai historical park
  • Phanom Rung historical park
  • Erawan waterfall
  • Thilosu waterfall and so on

Elephant rides

You can also experience amazing elephant rides in Thailand. Interact with elephants and enjoy the jungle rides in camps like Elephant Hills and Elephant Nature Park. 

Some other notable things to do such as

  • Bicycle riding around town
  • Shopping
  • Waterpark and swimming pool fun
  • Scuba dives
  • Short hiking and so on.

At last 

Thailand tour will not disappoint you in any means. You can do so many things in a short period of time. To experience great Thai foods, beautiful beaches, tropical forests and climate, learn Thai culture and tribes, and discover the islands, Thailand tour is a must to do for travellers.

Why not make Thailand Bucket List now!!!!