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Kathmandu World Heritage Tour provides a closer glimpse of the culture and traditions practiced in Nepal. The Nepal Highlights tour amalgamates the architectural marvels of the Hinduism and Buddhism religion taking the travelers to the three mythological cities- Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lailitpur (Patan). Each of these cities demonstrate their elegant palaces, unique temple structures, monasteries, stone carvings, bricked pavements, crafted courtyards and above all its lively festivals.


Sea Links Holiday’s- 3 days package in ‘Nepal Highlights’ offer cultural and religious tour to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The itinerary is carefully planned for the businessmen, conference attenders, and professionals who are interested to explore the biggest shrine of Pashupatinath, two mega monasteries- Swayambhunath and Boudhanath, and three durbar squares (Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan).


For travelers seeking to explore more dense part of Nepal in short time span we have ‘New Beauty With Purpose Highlights- 4 nights 5 days’, ‘New Capital Highlights- 3 nights 4 days’, where we shall spend an overnight at Nagarkot to experience early sunrise. Nepal Highlights is a unique package bundles a short gateway to the out skirts of Kathmandu valley, to get the majestically feel of the early Himalayas with the glory of rising and setting sun, the 15th century Malla architectures, the stone paved narrow alleys, the stone fountains, the craftsmanship of palaces and historical achievements during the era.



  • UNESCO listed heritage sites (Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Syawambhu Nath Temple)
  • Visit and pay tribute to the living goddess Kumari.
  • Walk through the ancient street of Ason, Indrachowk and Basantapur.
  • Indulge in traditional Nepalese cuisine (Thakali meal), Newari meal (Samya baji , ala, juju dhau)
  • A glimpse of Nepali music, dance & on-going festival


Detailed Day Wise Itinerary


Day : 1 Arrival at Nagarkot

We welcome the travelers in the Tribhuvan International Airport. On completing the formalities, we proceed with our Nepal Highlights 3 nights 4 days trip. From Kathmandu we straightly move on to Bhaktapur, a spectacular visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site. Bhaktapur showcase folk culture, ancient art, and culture. The museum and artwork present the historical frames, while the pagoda style temple inside the durbar square premises integrates the cultural framework of Malla era. From 55-window place, to the stone paved alley’s, courtyard’s, potteries, Bhaktapur is also famous for local eateries of Samya Baji and Ju Ju Dhau “Curd”.

Enjoying the artwork, we move ahead to Nagarkot, a hill station offering the pleasant view of the northern mountains and sunrise and sunset. In the evening we shall grace the setting sun, while in the early morning, we shall experience the first glory of sunrise.


Day : 2 Arrival in Kathmandu

On this day, we explore the Kathmandu valley starting with the popular tourist hub; Basantapur (Kathmandu Durbar Square). The royalty of Basantapur notes the spirituality and existence of Gods and Goddess. With religious myths, it also validates the fine crafts and handworks of the ancient rulers. With the living goddess residing just next to the Hanuman Dhoka, the place is always filled with the spiritually alive devotees.


From there we march to Soyambhunath (the monkey temple) the holy place of Buddhist community situated in the hilltop of Kathmandu. The place welcomes the visitors with its positive atmosphere. The low hums, the sound of prayer wheels, the burning lights, the scented candle sticks, religiously awakens the people and draws them towards patriotism. Adding more on the religious destination is the Baudhanath temple. The stupa lies in the center, soaking all of the spiritual vibes, buzzing with energetic people circulating the dome with a butter lamp or the scented candles.



A complete off day, where you can solely explore the hidden gem of Kathmandu valley i.e Ason and Indrachok, the historic destination of Kathmandu. The place exists since the rule of Malla period and till present holds the same tradition, culture and practice. The alley of Ason, is the ceremonial, market and residential square for the people residing in Kathmandu. Further the place attracts tourists with its charming ambience and architectural insights.

In the evening, a pleasant dinner program is organized as a “Farwell Program”, where we shall devour the authentic Nepalese cuisine (Thakali food) enjoy the cultural dance and share the best time spend with Sea Links Holidays.



Sadly, we bid farewell to our guests. The tour operator shall assist you to the Tribhuvan International Airport, before three hours of their flight schedule. We hope to see you again!


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