• July 10, 2019
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Things To Know Before You Go For Malaysia Tour



Malaysia tour is the best tour you will have in your life. You will see the combination of mix people, culture, heritage and climate. There are lots of place to visit while Malaysia Tour. The climate is hot and sunny. Malaysia is truly Asia and a heaven in the earth everyone once in their life should visit Malaysia and enjoy its beauty.

Malaysia is the most beautiful South Asian country which occupies many parts of the Malay Peninsula and the Island of Borneo. It’s a capital city is Kuala Lumpur.  Every year many people from the different country go for Malaysia Tour and visit Malaysia.  It is rich in art, culture, Big buildings, Shopping malls etc. are its main point of attraction. 

Malaysia tour has become one of the destination tours for the people around the world including Nepal. Nepalese people also go for Malaysia Tour and spend some quality time there with their family and friends. In spite of many being a tourist area, the country has its own rules and regulation which every tourist have to follow before their tour to Malaysia.

Some Of The Special Feature Of Malaysia Tour


Different country has a different taste of food they eat. Every country has its own types of food and taste. Likewise, Malaysia has also its own taste of food. Malaysian food is greatly influenced by Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese and Sumatran culture because Malaysia has been the part of these countries and therefore there is a mixed taste of food. Hope you will enjoy all the taste of this food during your Malaysia tour.

 Visit Singapore 

You can also travel Singapore while your tour to Malaysia because Singapore and Malaysia was once the same country before its partition. Therefore, it is easy to visit Singapore from Malaysia. You can get Malaysian e visa valid for 90 days and used within 3 months ie. 90 days from the date of e visa issued, you can stay 30 days at Malaysia after that.

What To Do And What Not To Do while Malaysia Tour  

 Malaysia is generally a beautiful country to laid back and relax but it has its own custom which visitors should have to follow or observe the practices. Here is the list of some common practices which you should know before your Malaysia tour. Handshakes are although taken as common for both man and women but still some Muslim women of Malaysia may introduce themselves by nodding and smiling. Traditional greetings or salam indicates handshakes with both hands without the grasp. But for man greet by both hands lightly touches his stretched hands and then bring his friend’s hands to his chest which means “I greet you from my heart”.

  • It is taken as a polite action before you visit someone home.
  •  When you enter Malaysians home then it is taken as a good manner to take off your shoes outside the door.
  • It is polite to accept the drink which is offered to you because it is Malaysian tradition to offer a drink to the guest.
  • The right hand is taken in a good manner when you eat or giving and receiving things.
  • You cannot point out the place, objects or person with your right forefinger instead of that you can use the thumb of the hand with four fingers folded under.
  • You should have to take permission to click pictures while you visit Mosques and temples and you should enter there with barefoot and put your shoes out of the mosques and temples. Some of the mosques offer robes and scarfs to female visitors which should be strictly put on by female visitors to enter there.
  • Drink plenty of water during your Malaysia tour because Malaysia is a hot country and you may suffer from dehydration due to sweat.
  • You can wear cotton and linen clothes so that you feel comfortable in the heat but don’t try to expose your body part much because Malaysia is the Islamic country.  
  • Most of the Malaysian speak English so it will be easy for you to communicate. Talking about Malaysian food most of the food is spicy so you can ask a waiter or waitress about it.
  • Malaysia is a tropical country it may rain any time, therefore, it will be wise if you pack your umbrella with you.


Malaysia tour is the most adventurous tour where you can see the varieties of mix culture and traditions, People are very warm and gentle which is the plus point for the visitors to befriend with Malaysian. You can see the varieties of climate here in Malaysia. There are lots of places to visit there in Malaysia. Therefore pack 

your bags for Malaysia tour.