• August 14, 2019
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Top Destination for outbound tour

At the present time, the outbound tour is increasing due to many reasons such as people wants to learn something new and want to explore more the beauty, culture, the tradition of that country or places.

Top Destination for outbound tour

Traveling is one of the best ways to explore the world. Traveling to different places, countries and the beauty of that place make you speechless then turn you into storytellers. Of course, every traveler wants to explore the beauty, culture, traditions of different places. If you want to explore the world you travel the world”. Traveling to foreign destinations in the festive season or normal day vacation trip has lately become a popular trend among Nepalese. Every year many people from Nepal choose an outbound tour for their vacation trip. Mainly those people whose relatives and children are living abroad plan vacation trips abroad destination so that they could meet their beloved ones.

At the present time, the outbound tour is increasing due to many reasons such as people wants to learn something new and want to explore more the beauty, culture, the tradition of that country or places. On the other hand, the personal incomes of the people are increasing which ultimately pushes for traveling to other new places and countries. Many people choose outbound tour packages as their vacation trip. Nepal Country is known for its natural beauty, culture, tradition, religions which is really a good plus point for the tourism industry. Every year many tourists travel to Nepal to explore the beauty of this country. In Nepal, there are lots of travel and Tours Company which provides the best inbound tour and outbound tour packages.

Which Outbound Tour Would you choose?

  • Bali Tour Package

Bali is one of the most exotic countries in Asia and visiting this place gives a stand-out encounter that can really be awesome. Bali Tour Package has a lot to offer. Bali Tour is one of the most outbound tour destinations with inspiring white beaches, famous temples, and stunning spa services (a world-class best), Bali tour is really a wonderful trip you will experience. Bali Tour is one of the most beautiful Indonesian islands. Their hospitality and friendly people make this Bali tour more memorable. Bali tour is also famous for its active volcanoes, a considerable lot of which lie under the ocean. Here I have mentioned some highlights of Bali Tour.

  1. Denpasar city tour and sunset Tanah lot temple
  2. Uluwatu tour
  3. water sports activity
  4. Besakih Temple
  5. Sekumpul Waterfall
  • Thailand Tour

Thailand tour is a stand out amongst other essential travel destinations in Asia; Thailand tour is known as the best spot for its extraordinary area, tropical atmosphere, the spectacular wildlife, and the amazing Thai food, fascinating society. You are ensured to discover the best and awesome experience in this beautiful country in a safe and well-prepared environment. If you are planning for the holiday trip at your very own convenience, the Thailand tour is extremely an incredible fun trip and one of the most exciting trips you will experience. Thailand’s tour is really a popular trip nowadays. Many people choose Thailand tour for their business purpose also. Many people travel to different places however the Thailand tour is outstanding amongst other outbound tour package which every traveler wants to include in their travel diaries. Here I have included some highlights of Thailand tour.

  1. Get a taste of Bangkok on tuk-tuk street food tour
  2. visit damnoen saduak floating market
  3. Northern hill tribe
  4. Chatuchak weekend market
  5. Sukothai historical park
  • Dubai Tour

Dubai is the most beautiful Arabian country where you get views of the modern skyline, comprehensive infrastructure, brilliant attractions, glamorous shopping mall, fine dining and quality hotels. Dubai tour is the most popular outbound tour in Nepal. Many people from Asia and Europe visit Dubai tour package.  If you are planning for the Dubai tour then I ensure you don’t miss out on the chance to visit the world tallest structure, Burj Khalifa. This experience allows you the chance to enjoy the most beautiful panoramas of Dubai from one of the world’s highest outdoor observation decks. Dubai tour is one of the best holiday tour packages you can have the full energy and delight in the Dubai tour. In Nepal also there are lots of travelers who want to explore the beauty and richness of the Dubai city. Here I have mentioned some of the Dubai tour highlights.

  1. Desert safari with BBQ and belly dance
  2. Dubai city tour
  3. Dhow cruise dinner
  4. Desert Safari
  5. Dubai Aquarium
  • Malaysia and Singapore tour

Malaysia and Singapore tour provides the flavor of the stunning scenes, multicultural harmony and cosmopolitan way of life. Malaysia and Singapore tour is an awesome and best mixture of races and religions where diverse ethnic groups like Malays, Indians, Chinese, and Christian live in h harmony together. Multiculturalism made Malaysia and Singapore tour home to shimmering and bright festivals. Malaysia and Singapore tour is blessed with huge activities and natural wonders, making it perfect for somebody to choose shopping, spa, playing golf, diving, birdwatching, parks, and garden. Malaysia and Singapore tour is a remarkable cultural diversity. In this city, one can encounter an ultra-modern lifestyle as well as a cultural and religious heritage site. Malaysia and  Singapore tour is also a popular vacation destination. many travelers include Malaysia and Singapore tour in their traveling diaries. Here are some of the main highlights for the Malaysia and Singapore tour.

  1. National Gallery in Singapore
  2. Petronas Twin Tower in Kaulampur
  3. Redang Island
  4. Universal Studios Singapore
  5. Kinabalu National Park

 At Last But Not Least

Tourism is a very diverse sector in itself. It has become an integral part of people’s lives and important to the country’s economy. in the same way outbound tourism is also rising recently.families and friends are packing their bags and planning for the outbound tour packages for their vacation trip. outbound tourism is being popular because as a family vacation has become the gateway from stresses relating to work-life or other personal issues.