• June 5, 2019
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Travel Nepal Vs Travel Abroad – Choose the one you prefer

Travel enthusiasm is not something everyone has. Passionate Travellers have their own plans and destination choices

Travel Nepal Vs Travel Abroad - Choose the one you prefer

Are you interested in exploring different aspects of your Homeland or Abroad destination?

Travel enthusiasm is not something everyone has. Passionate Travellers have their own plans and destination choices. Some prefer local places whereas some want to grab a different experience through different culture, place and people. Undoubtedly, for a memorable vacation, Nepal is a good choice because of its breathtaking natural beauty, Variety in landscapes, biodiversity, Arts, Culture and many more.

Recently, travelling for refreshment has been boosting among Nepalese people. According to Resources, Domestic tourism is a trend that exists since long ago whereas people are also travelling abroad much more during recent years. Nepalese are being captivated by outbound tours. 

Travel Nepal

Does Domestic tourism in Nepal trigger your interests? 

Either you have been travelling your homeland since long or you are peculiar in this field still you’ll get a bountiful opportunity in Nepal for a great journey. Domestic tourism is a much better option for short vacations. Either you want to travel with family, friends or solo you are free to fulfil your desire. Also, Its hassle-free vacation that means no pressure of documents and visas. Well, Anyone would love that, Don’t they? 

You can get countless options like Short tours, Long Journey, Trekking, Climbing and Expeditions, Hiking, Rafting, Kayaking, Yoga tours, Homestay tours etc.

Trekking and Expeditions is a way to fill your soul with new energy and positive vibes. I assume you know about the high altitude trekking areas but also following are some of those which you can’t miss if you love adventure.

Trekking in Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp Trek              Everest Base Camp Trek

Ghorepani – Poonhill Trek                  Langtang Valley Trek

Other than Trekking and Expeditions, Roaming around most popular cities is also one experience. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Nagarkot, etc are some of the day tour destinations people love. Kathmandu- Pokhara Tour has been a popular tour plan among both domestic as well as international Tourists.

Everyone knows that Nepal is the second richest country of water resources. Rafting, Boating, Kayaking everything is possible here. 


Do you know canyoning is most refreshing adventure among all? One must try it since there are amazing waterfalls. Terai region has stunning forests and Jungles where we can enjoy the wildlife. Chitwan has always been popular for Jungle Safari.

People, especially for Nepalese the satisfaction of observing such a mesmerizing creation of nature is beyond all happiness. If you are trying to explore every aspect of your homeland Nepal then its never-ending process.

OR, How about A new Destination far away from your Regular Visits? 

Travelling somewhere far from your homeland is essential if you really want to get a break from the regular schedule. Many people are discouraged due to travel costs. Outbound tours are usually more expensive than inbound but anything for a beautiful vacation, Right? 

Where would you like to travel? 

At present, it’s not difficult to find a travel agent who can guide you throughout your whole trip. Once you visit a travel agency, you’ll be familiar with each destination and you can decide where you want to travel.

Yes, Life is Short and you have got to see the world whenever possible.

Bali Tour Package


Each destination is famous for its particular speciality. Talking about a famous vacation destination, Bali is perfect for a peaceful trip. Those incredible beaches are the main attraction for tourists. Bali culture would be something different which you get to experience there.

For a luxury tour, You should choose Dubai. It is the most beautiful Arabian country. If you love shopping, there are many luxurious shopping malls where you can get quality goods. Desert Safari, BBQ, Dances are the entertainment factors there.

Dubai Tour From Nepal

Thailand packages are cheaper than others if you have a limited budget. But you won’t be unsatisfied after the trip. You can enjoy kinds of seafood, good hospitality there. 


China is our neighbour country, Similar to our Nepal it is rich in art and culture but you’ll get a vast change in traditions there. You’ll get new sights there. 

Thus, Either you choose Nepal or any abroad destination, satisfaction is essential and it depends on your previous experience and interests.